Bookish Spotlights: Review of Alchemy & Ink’s “The Mummy” June Box

Bookish Spotlights: Review of Alchemy & Ink’s “The Mummy” June Box

This is a review of Alchemy & Ink’s monthly Luxe subscription box.

(All photos are from my own personal instagram, @Partimeavenger)

What’s in the box?

-Hamunaptra 9oz candle

-Ardeth 9oz candle

-The Mummy 12oz prayer candle

-Book of the Dead wood lazer cut earings

I cannot get over how excited I was for this box and still am after getting it. Even a month later, I’m still lighting a different candle every night from this box.

Other than being the box of my dreams, this box came with some of the coolest and best smelling items I’ve gotten from a box before. I pretty much lost my mind over The Book of the Dead key earrings. Even though I really need to make time (outside of the pandemic) to get my ears re-pierced again so I can wear these always. Though for now, they look really good on my bookcase.

Other then the earrings and candles, I loved the Hamunaptra postcard! The artwork is perfect and always reminds me of my favorite moments from the first (and best) movie.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite candle from these new additions to my collection. First, we have Hamunaptra (9oz), and then Ardeth (9oz), and lastly The Mummy (12oz). The Mummy candle is pulling me to it hard with the amazing artwork from @stephaniepepper on it, which I would love to have a poster of. Though, Hamunaptra and Ardeth keep getting me to shove my face into them, just so I can smell them again. I really like lighting these too!

I can say with absolute certainty that I loved every single item in this box and its a struggle choosing which candle I’m going to light ext!

Side note, July’s theme is “In the Dark of the Wood” will be the last Luxe subscription box for awhile because of delays with the current pandemic. Alchemy & Ink will still be doing doing the basic subscription for everyone till further notice, and there will be no August box at all.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Link to shop: HERE

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