Bookish Spotlights: Review of Fox & Wit’s “Songs of Magic” June Box

Bookish Spotlights: Review of Fox & Wit’s “Songs of Magic” June Box

Part of Fox & Wit’s monthly  Young Adult subscription, this box is slightly different from their normal YA boxes. This is one of their bookstagram prop boxes.

(All photos are from my own personal instagram, @Partimeavenger)

What’s in the box?

-Roaring Twenties crystal headband

-Cordial glass

-Art deco background

-Gatsby party invitation

-Song of Achilles comic strip (by @angelanimates)

-Sisters of Sword & Song by Rebecca Ross, with forest green stained edges, author letter, signed bookplate.

-Spotify playlist

I think these bookstagrammer boxes are my all time favorite boxes to get! I always love the items, and get some very creative ideas for photo shoots to use them in. With the box theme being “Songs of Magic” and the bookstagram part of the box being “Roaring Twenties”, we get a great blend of items. For the bookstagram part of the box, we get a cordial glass, which I can image Gatsby drinking out of as he cheers his guests. Then we received a beautiful crystal headband, which very much says flappers. I have to say, I’ve been having fun trying this on ad striking a pose. I’m really looking forward to using it in photos!

There were also two paper props, the first being a party invite to a party hosted by Gatsby. The other paper prop is an art deco background to use for these props.

We also got our third comic strip from @angelanimates, this month features a scene from Song of Achilles. I hadn’t read this yet, but I am on the waiting lost for it at my library. Still the comic strip was very well done, and makes me want to red the book even more.

Lastly, we have this months book, Sisters of Sword and Song by Rebecca Ross. This edition comes with a signed bookplate, stained  forest green edges and an author letter. I haven’t gotten a book with this color for its stained edges before, and I love the color! Perfectly matching the cover of the book. The playlist included with the box and book has me itching to listen to it as I’m reading and putting together insta photo shoots.

In the end, I loved, loved, loved this box! As I said before, these bookstagram boxes are my favorite boxes to get in the mail. I get so excited to opening the box and getting so many creative ideas to do for photo shoots. I can’t wait till July’s box to come in the mail!

Rating of box: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Link to shop: HERE

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