Bookish Spotlights: Review of Illumicrate’s The Cruel Prince box

Review of illumicrate’s The Cruel Prince box

illumicrate’s The Cruel Prince Box, this is a special box outside of illumicrate’s monthly book boxes. This box surrounded the series Folks of Air, The Cruel Prince being the focus of this box, because they created a new edition of The Cruel Prince.

(All photos are from my own personal instagram, @Partimeavenger)

What’s in the box?

– Blanket

– Set of 6 bookmarks

– A copy of The Cruel Prince ( a naked Hardcover with foil design)

– 2 metal bookends

– 3 brand new covers for the series

– Tote bag

This is my third special edition box I’ve gotten from illumicrate, all of which I got this year. So, I went into this box with very high hopes after their fantastic DarkDawn box. Now, although this box wasn’t as amazing and had a lot fewer items in it. It was almost like getting one of their monthly boxes instead of a special edition box. There is the special created hardback copy (no cover) of The Cruel Prince, and three whole new created covers for the whole series. illumicrate will be selling book two and three in the beginning of 2020 (I know it’s 2020 now as this is posted,  but at the moment I have not heard anything from them yet))- so people who bought this special edition box will be able to complete their set.

Other then the fewer items , you can tell all the money and thought went into the book and new covers. There was the bookmarks and blanket done by the two artist who seem to always do the bookmarks and blankets for the special edition boxes. These were really nice , but not anything new. The only really new items were the book and covers. They did make bookends- but we have seen them, pins and tote bags before from illumicrate (and other book boxes…). The tote bag is probably the item I won’t use, I just have so many now. The bookends were nice-depicting Jude + quote on one side and  Cardan + quote on the other. The pin on the other hand was predicable, a snake and a quote wrapped up with it. 

But, I do have to say that the book covers are a work of art. I mean they are absolutely stunning. I can not wait to get the other two redone copies (book two and three) from illumicrate to complete my set and put these new covers on them!

Lastly, I do have to talk about the bad of this box. I know I don’t have to, but I feel I should. When I received my box and went through it- I of course opened up the book right away. I found that my copy of The Cruel Prince I was sent… Well it had all of the pages bound into it update down and backwards. What I mean by backwards is that the end of the book was at the front upside down.  Dealing with customer service since then has not been easy or great. they wanted me to ship the book back to them before they could send me a new copy and pay me for th  shipping afterwards. They said nothing of packing, and I also have two jobs (and no printer to print a label) or a time when I could go into the post office. In the end I did not ship the book back to them, and found someone to trade me their copy in return for another book- crazy, but at least I can get the book sooner then I could have with illumicrate. This will definitely impact my choosing to buy another special edition box or monthly box from them in the future. 

Rating of box: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Link to shop: HERE

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