Review of Star Wars: The Rise Of Kylo Ren (2019-) #3 (of 4) by Charles Soule (Goodreads Author), Clayton Crain (Cover Art), Will Sliney (Artist)

Star Wars: The Rise Of Kylo Ren (2019-) #3 (of 4) by Charles Soule (Goodreads Author), Clayton Crain (Cover Art), Will Sliney (Artist)

Review: We get deeper in this third issue of The Rise of Kylo Ren, even a hint of the name he thought of for himself when he was younger-which was never mentioned, at least not yet. Anyway, Ben finds the knights of Ren and has to prove that he gave them a good death.  He tells them of his fight with the other jedi in training student s who came for him, to stop him and bring him back. But, instead one of them dies. Ben did not mean for it to happen and it was not by his hand. It was an accident and Ben tried to save them (only helping to save one). The knights don’t believe it was a good death he offered them because it was not wanted (by Ben). They let him tag along, and hopefully he will give them a good death- then he will be in the group.

The other two jedi that are still after Ben, after the death of their friend. Now fully believe Ben Solo is no more and that they must kill him to stop him. I really felt like them and myself saw two vastly different things. Ben Solo did not kill, did not want to hurt them fatally.

The best part of this issue is that Ben gets new clothes other then jedi robes, and I gotta be honest and say he looks a lot like his father. The handsome smuggler pilot-the man Ben Solo has always wanted to be and the man he is inside.

Favorite quote:

“I’m Ben Solo.”

“Yeah, but that’s exactly it. You need to be who you are. Everyone does.

I don’t need to  know your secrets–No one does, unless you want– But you have to realize that people will accept all of you, just as you are. I know you, Ben Solo. You’re not as bad as you think.”

Would I? Reread? YES. Recommend to others? I’m screaming about it always.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Edition: Paperback, 23 pages

Comic. Sci-Fi.

Published February 12th 2020.

Summary: BEN SOLO, KNIGHT OF REN? Soon, BEN SOLO’S path will end in a place of fire and blood, and a shadow will rise to take his place. He is with the KNIGHTS OF REN now, and they will welcome him, if he can pay their price. But before that destiny is fulfilled, a battle must be fought at an ancient JEDI Outpost on the planet ELPHRODA – between Ben and those who know what he could have been… and fear what he might become. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Everyone here is afraid – Ben Solo most of all!

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