Review of Pandora’s Legacy by Kara Leopard (Goodreads Author), Kelly Matthews (Illustrator), Nichole Matthews (Illustrator)

Pandora’s Legacy by Kara Leopard (Goodreads Author), Kelly Matthews (Illustrator), Nichole Matthews (Illustrator)

Review: This was a really fun surprise to read! I had been given this book awhile back during ALA 2019, and got the chance to read it recently. This comic was just the perfect read for me! I love Greek mythology, or any really. But, Greek holds a special and painful place in my heart. Anyway, the story takes place surrounding Pandora’s Box, as you can tell a bit from the title. The fun twist to this classic myth, is that its in a modern setting and using tools to re-capture these legendary beasts. Cell phones. I know I started laughing too. But, it is a really useful twist that makes way more sense once reading this comic. I’m a little surprised that no one else has thought to use this idea yet either.

What I think was one of the best parts of this story/comic was the family bonds. The series is all about the three siblings on the cover being thrown into this great quest in their town. They also find out that this is something their whole family does, and that their elder sister is actually away fighting monsters too. By the end of the comic, the family and siblings are brought so much closer and wanting to learn more of their families legacy.

Sadly, there is no plans to continue on with the story. Even though there was a bit left un-said at the end of this story that leaves you wanting more. Hopefully the artists and writers decided to keep the story going one day in the future so we can learn more about this family and the gods we met in this volume.

Favorite quote: NA

Would I? Reread? Yes. Recommend to others? Yes. Read more of this series? Yes.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Edition: Paperback, 96 pages.

Comic. Fantasy. Young adult. Mythology. Children’s. 

Published  December 4th 2018 by KaBOOM! (first published 2018).

Summary: The Panagakos family are descendents of Pandora, their family tasked with protecting Pandora’s box and capturing the monsters that have escaped over the years. When Charlie, Janet, and Trevor accidentally break the box, it’s up to the three of them to fix it before their family finds out…or worse…

What starts out as a typical family vacation to Grandma and Grandpa’s house quickly erupts into supernatural mystery and peril when three siblings accidentally break an old, mystical jar hidden deep in the woods. As magical monsters pour out of the fractured relic and run amok, Charlie, Janet, and Trevor must find a way to capture all of the creatures in order to save their family—and potentially the entire world—before it’s too late.

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