Review of Daddy Duke (Royally Screwed #3) by Madison Faye

Daddy Duke ( Screwed #Duke (Royally Screwed #3) by Madison Faye

Review: After reading one of Madison Faye’s daddy kink books, I decided to just lean into it and check out a couple of others to see how the plot/romance went. With Daddy Duke, I did really get into the characters and plot, although I very much wish that it was a lot longer. I would definitely read a lengthier novel for most of Faye’s plot ideas that we just get a tease of in these e-books.

Another thing that stuck out to me while reading was that there was no actual say so of the Duke’s age, which makes me picture many things while reading all his scenes with the other kings and his own princess. The background characters, plot, drama, setting, and politics didn’t make much sense, but does hit that in reading all the books in this series you would be able to understand a more clearly. In the end, it doesn’t matter much because no one is really here for all that extra stuff as we are reminded, when everything get solved (not really sure how in some ways) by the end of the book.

Favorite quote: NA

Would I? Reread? Yes. Read more of this author? Yes. Read more of this series? Also yes. Recommend to others? Yup!

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Edition: Kindle Edition, 152 pages.

Romance. Mature Themes. Mature Content. Contemporary. Adult. Fiction. New Adult.

Published May 12th 2018.

Summary: She’s off-limits. Inappropriate. A tease, a brat, a scandal waiting to happen, and a royal pain in my @ss.
Oh, and she’s one more thing too: all mine.
…She just doesn’t know it yet.

I have a problem. A five-foot-five, brown-haired, green-eyed little tease of a problem. A problem that’s lived under my roof ever since I took her in as if she were my own years ago.

Lola. Princess Lola, that is. Lola with the fiery sass, the softest lips, the sweetest skin, and the most temping curves these rough hands have ever wanted to grab ahold of.

I’m her guardian – the man who took care of her and raised her up. But my eyes have started lingering longer than they should. My thoughts have turned darker, and there’s no turning back.

See, I want the little Princess to be my little Princess. I want her laid out dressed in nothing but jewels and a smile – a present waiting for me to unwrap and claim.

The world will say this is so f**king wrong. They’ll say I’m more than twice her age. They’ll say a rough, hardened, ex-soldier like myself has no business being with her. They’ll say a lot to try and keep us apart.

They can all go to h*ll.

Because whatever my Lola wants, she’ll get. And she’s about to get every inch of what she wants.

…But only if she says please.

Are you sitting on your throne? Got your tiara and jewels ready? Good, you’re going to need them. Get ready for that kind of book. You know what I’m talking about ;).

Wild, out of control, and pure dirty fantasy at it’s finest. Packed with insta-love, kindle-melting steam, and one very dominant alpha. As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed. 

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