Review of Tempting Daddy’s Boss (Innocence Claimed #2) by Madison Faye

Tempting Daddy’s Boss (Innocence Claimed #2) by Madison Faye

Review: As some of you know, I’ve been on a bit of a book slump and when I get like this I start reading dirty romance e-books. I love it. I like not having to think about theories and everything else, what you see is what you basically get with these books. I’m not in anyway dissing these type of books at all, I’m just stating what they are to me.

I must be coming off my book slump because I’m dying for some plot, thank goodness for Madison Faye I’m ready to hope into my TBR now!

Compared with most of her other books the story and sex part of the book was very meh, could not get into any of it. Everything gets wrapped up all nice , no real drama and it lasts 2 mins.

Didn’t know about the Daddy kink was in this book but it was different from the other books of hers with it- it made me cringe a bit this time though.

Favorite quote: NA

Would I? Reread? No. Recommend to others? Maybe? Read more of this author? Yes!

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.

Edition: Kindle Edition, 144 pages.

Romance. Contemporary. Adult Romance. Mature Themes. Mature Content. Fiction. Novella.

Published October 17th 2017.

Summary: I’m keeping her all to myself, whether she knows it or not.

An angel like little Lyra Worthington has no business being anywhere near a cold, calculating monster like me.

But she’s been mine since the second she poured herself into my world. And now, I’m never letting her go.

I know she’s off-limits.

I know she’s too young for me, and too innocent, and too untouched. But I bet she tastes like heaven and feels like sin, and tonight, I plan on finding out how right I am.

She’s tempting me – enticing me. She’s provoking me like a naughty little brat looking for trouble. And believe when I say, she’s going to find it with me.

I’ll call her angel. She’ll call me daddy.

I’m not – not really, of course. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to protect her, and take care of her, and keep her safe from the whole damn world.

I play for keeps, I take what’s mine, and I keep what I take. And tonight, I’m taking her.

Super sweet, so filthy you’ll need a bath, and over-the-top wrong. But, if you’re looking for something wildly dirty, not really grounded in reality, and safe, this one’s for you! Utterly obsessed alpha hero, sassy, untouched heroine, and insta-love, smut, and sugary-sweetness galore. HEA with NO CHEATING!

*No one is related in this story*

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