Bookish Spotlights: Book and ARC Snobbery

Bookish Spotlight: Book and ARC Snobbery

Yep, that’s right I’m finally going there.

I’ve been seeing this around a bit on twitter, but just recently had it happen to me.

Just recently I put up a lot of leftover ARC’s I had cluttering up my shelves, that I no longer wanted or thought I would read. I also ran out of space for them, and decisions had to be made. Anyway, I posted to all the groups I know about trading  for other ARC’s, bookish swag, finished copies, or a book off my amazon wish list.

I got some really great responses, and a good amount of them too. Then I get a request for two of the ARC’s I had and the person sent me photos and photos of her bookshelf that she would trade if I was interested in any of the books on them. I asked a lot of questions about certain books- what conditions and more photos of them. It seemed like the trade was going to work, she had a lot I was interested in and there was more of my ARC’s she wanted  to trade for too. Then, radio silence. She finally gets back to me and basically flaked out of the trade for certain books I asked about, which I completely understood. I countered with other books I could pick from her trove to trade, if she was still open to trading for the ARC’s I had she wanted. Again radio silence, then back to talking with me saying what I had just wasn’t good enough and needed to think about the one book I was down to trading for. Now, weeks later , still nothing. I finally just gave up trying with her.

This really frustrated me because I didn’t reach out to her, she reached out to me. She is also the one that sent me  the photos of books she was willing to trade with me for the books she wanted from me. I’m sorry for the rant, I have just been seeing this more and more lately with trades happening.

Discussion Questions

-Have you been in this situation? Which side (no shame)?

-What was your response?

-What are your thoughts on this whole topic in general? 

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