Bookish Spotlights: Book Dreams edition

Bookish Spotlights: Book Day Dreams

I have to ask, am I the only one who has book day dreams?

Now, I’m not talking about imaging I’m  in a book. Although, I sometimes do but I mostly day dream about being in different movies or TV shows. That’s beside the point, what I’m talking about today are the dreams of getting all the books.

Getting that Golden Ticket and going on a book spree, getting all the books you want. Or dreaming of finding some super rare and special edition book for a steal at a used bookstore. I do have to admit that these pop into my head A LOT. Heck, I even get them about running into favorite authors at the right time and place (and of course having my favorite book of theirs on hand).

But, I’m embarrassed to admit all this out load. Hense, the blog post.

Discussion Questions

Please tell me I’m not the only one? If I’m not what are your “book day dreams?

Is it hard coming back to reality?

Have any of these day dreams come true? If so, what happened?

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