Bookish Spotlights: Cleaning your TBR

Bookish Spotlights: Cleaning your TBR

Cleaning your TBR, I know its scary! But, its not all bad.

When I am running out of space for my TBR, I sit down and take them all out. Then I go through every single one, reading the backs and seeing if I’m still interested. I make a “heck yes” pile, a “maybe” pile and  “not so interested” pile. After that I rank them, and what I mean by this is the location of the Book on my TBR.  I have four spots for  “to be read” around my home. One TBR cart in my office, and a two shelve book case that is stacked two deep (I know I’m the worst). I then also have three separate shelves on my wall in my room. One for OwlCrate books to read (only five to the shelf), another for ARC’s (again only five books) and lastly a shelf for what I really want to read next (and that’s new out, mostly). Also, I have small little cubby under my bed that I can fit three deep in, by this I mean three rows of books. I put books I’m in the middle of and a whole bunch of books I want to read soon. Oh, and I have book club books there too.

But, other than having an insane amount of TBR to normal people, but pretty normal to book people. I do try to go through my TBR piles when I’m cleaning and re-organizing, and though its sad I do find that I have lost interest in a book but its mostly when its been sitting on my shelf for more then two years.

Discussion questions

Do you clean up your TBR?

Are you horrified that others do this?

How do yo organize your TBR (if at all)?


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